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General Questions

Q: What is Blinkweb exactly?
A: Blinkweb is a web based website creation tool with drag and drop functionality. It allows users to create all the major website types such as a blog, a content style website, or a salesletter style website. Blinkweb comes equipped with many high quality website template that users can select from. We believe that it's very important that Blinkweb websites don't look like "factory manufactured" websites, so we're constantly adding new, high quality templates for users to select from. This, coupled with so many editing capabilities, allow users to create websites that look both unique and professional… all the while, requiring no html or technical skills.

Q: Who is the target audience for Blinkweb?
A: Blinkweb was designed from the ground up, for those people that either don't know html and all the other techie nonsense typically needed to create a website, or those that don't want to mess with the hassle of using complicated html editors like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, as well as bulky FTP software programs. It's created for the average, everyday person that wants a website to either earn an online income, or simply keep in touch with friends and family.

Q: What was the reason you created Blinkweb in the first place?
A: We created Blinkweb to fill the enormous gap between complicated html editing programs like Dreamweaver and FrontPage, and less sophisticated website creation programs that forced users to create "factory generated" websites with no character or uniqueness. Blinkweb is the first website creation tool of its kind that will allow the average person to create their own unique, professional looking website without knowing html or hiring a professional web designer.

Q: How many people have used Blinkweb to create a website as of 6-15-2008?
A: To date, 12 years after Blinkweb opened to the public, (6-15-2008) 1,524,719 users have created websites using Blinkweb.

Q: What type of sites do people create with Blinkweb?
A: Users can choose from the 3 main types of websites found on the internet. These include blogs, content websites, and salesletter style websites. A blog is simply a web log allowing visitors to comment on various posts you would make to your blog. A content website is your "typical" website you might find on the internet. Content websites might contain articles on a specific topic, or might sell some sort of product. A salesletter style website is often the website of choice in the "internet marketing" community. These are the long, scrolling websites typically used to sell a digitally downloadable product.

Q: How does the average person find out that Blinkweb even exists in the first place?
A: Initially Blinkweb was launched solely to our existing subscriber base built over time via our online newsletters, as well as customer lists from existing products that we've created in the past. Over time we hope that Blinkweb will reach people naturally through word of mouth, for the fact that it's a free website builder that literally anyone can use with little to no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Put Us On The Spot!

Q: What makes Blinkweb different from other online web site generators?
A: We've found that other website generators do not have drag and drop functionality allowing users to create their websites literally any way that they want. Most online website generators force users to fill in blanks for various things such as "title of your article", "article body", "color of text" and so on. Once finished, you would then click a "create website" button and out would come a VERY factory generated looking website with very limited functionality. Essentially your website would look like every one else's website that used the tool. With Blinkweb, we've created a tool that allows users to create a website in any way, shape, or form that they want. The only limiting factor is the user's imagination. You cannot tell the difference between a Dreamweaver/FrontPage created website and a Blinkweb created website. The only difference is the person creating the Blinkweb website had no html or technical knowledge.

Q: Since Blinkweb is 100% free to use, what's your business model to generate revenue?
A: The Blinkweb page builder is completely free. After the user creates their website, they are presented with 3 main options which include; get a subdomain for your website, get a domain name for your website, or download your website in .zip format. Users will be able to get a subdomain completely free, which is then hosted by our servers. Users can also choose to get a domain from Blinkweb. Domain names are completely free as well. Should the user choose to get a domain name, Blinkweb will host their website for $1.00 the first month and then $14.95 for each month thereafter. Users can have unlimited domains with Blinkweb. Each additional domain is only an extra $1.30/month. Finally, if users prefer to host their websites with their current webhost, rather than through Blinkweb, they can choose the 3rd option, which is to download their website in .zip format. Doing so costs only a very small fee. Blinkweb also offers and extensive live of training tools and guides to earning money strictly from an online business. These tools come in the form of videos, workbooks, and audio CDs.

Q: How easy is it to build a Blinkweb site?
A: If you know how to use programs like Microsoft Word or can do things like check your email, you will be able to create a professional website with Blinkweb. It's literally a matter of dragging things where you would like them on your website, typing on your keyboard, and clicking your mouse.

Q: What skills do you really need?
A: You'll need to know how to turn your computer on, type on your keyboard, and click your mouse :

Q: Who are some of Blinkweb's competitors? What's the biggest difference between you?
A:,, Google Pages are the most similar websites to Blinkweb. While each website is an excellent service, we felt there was a need to create a service that adds much more flexibility, yet doesn't overcomplicate things in the process. The obvious difference is that Blinkweb was created BOTH for those that want a website as a hobby, or keep in touch with friends and family, AND for those that want to make a full-time income from the internet. Having a website for the sake of showing your friends is neat, but let's face it, building a website that actually can sell a product successfully on the internet is what changes people's lives. That is what we're all about at Blinkweb. We want to make a difference in people's lives and change the way business is done on the internet.

Q: In today's web 2.0 world, so many web sites burst on the scene only to disappear soon afterwards? What convinces you that Blinkweb has staying power?
A: Blinkweb was not designed based on the latest fad or trend, but was designed to do something that will occur no matter what we do to stop it … "website creation". There were close to 1 billion websites created in 2007 alone. Without websites, the internet would cease to exist. Blinkweb facilitates the growth of the internet itself by allowing the average, every day person to get their share of the internet pie, per say.

Q: What's been the biggest surprise for you so far with Blinkweb's development, launch and ongoing use?
A: When Blinkweb initially launched, while it was very user friendly (or so we thought) there were many confused users. Because BW was created to help people, both Matt and I felt it was extremely important to monitor every single help desk ticket that came in during the first few weeks. By doing so, we were able to make major changes to the overall Blinkweb website creation process… based on what users were originally confused with. After doing this, we saw an incredible jump in the number of signups and websites created, as well as nearly eliminating the number of support tickets in the help desk. So, with that said, the biggest surprise for me personally was while "we" thought Blinkweb was user friendly from the beginning, our initial users thought differently. By listening and paying extremely close attention to the initial users, we were able to give them what THEY thought was user friendly and easy… and that's what it's all about.

Q: What's the absolutely best scenario for Blinkweb moving forward? How close are you to that being reality?
A: We hope to see continued growth, growth without throwing "ads" in front of potential user's faces, but growth through word of mouth. We want to make Blinkweb a place that people come to love, and WANT to tell their friends about our service because it truly adds value to their lives, rather than because there's some monetary gain.

What can BlinkWeb actually do?

Q: What social marketing components are included with a Blinkweb site?
A: Initially we created a Facebook widget that allows users to show their sites off to their Facebook friends. Users can create a Blinkweb website, then use the Facebook widget to embed their website into THEIR profile, as well as any of their friends profiles! This acts as a fantastic way to generate extra traffic and eyeballs to our user's websites.

Q: Blogging and online video are included then? What else?
A: Absolutely, blogging is becoming more and more the website style of choice for both those wanting to earn income from their websites, as well as those wanting to keep in touch with friends and family. The same goes for online video, in terms of popularity. Users can easily add Youtube and Google Video to their website by simply dragging it over into their website. No more need to copy and paste "embedded code" that are given to you by any major video website. On top of blogging and video, users can add just about anything else to their websites that you can think of. Things from contact forms, guestbook, images, flickr photo galleries, Google maps, paragraph elements, custom html blocks, to specific money making objects like Google Adsense ads, Salesletter images, product images, purchase buttons, testimonial boxes, optin forms, checklists, Johnson boxes, and much more. Basically, if you want something on your website, there's probably a way to use Blinkweb to accomplish it.

Q: Any idea on how long it takes the average person to build a Blinkweb site?
A: it depends on the complexity of your website, but for the average user, I would say an entire website could be created very easily in one sitting. If you want an extremely basic website, it can easily be done in a few minutes (10 minutes or less)

The future of Blinkweb ...

Q: Where do you see Blinkweb 1 year from now? How about 3 years? 5 years?
A: We hope to see Blinkweb continue to grow in terms of both user reach, as well as the amount of features and options we can offer Blinkweb users. As long as our users are happy, we're happy.

Q: Once someone builds a Blinkweb site, how do they market it effectively?
A: Blinkweb comes with extensive training guides users can easily purchase for in depth training on exact marketing strategies and techiniques for earning and online living from your Blinkweb website. What makes these courses unique is that they weren't created on theory, but were created by the founders of Blinkweb, Brad and Matt Callen, who have earned millions of dollars strictly from marketing websites and services on the internet while still in their 20s. In these courses, they teach strategies they have used and use to this very day.

Q: What's next for Blinkweb?
A: On top of adding new website templates daily, we're finalizing our affiliate program this week, so all users will have access to promote Blinkweb and earn a commission on each referral. We're also working on a line of tutorial videos, and other training material. We then plan on adding a lot more functionality to the blogging feature within Blinkweb. After that we have a long list of additions that we're continually gathering from current users. It's very important that we give our users what they want.