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BlinkWeb Media Room
Brad Callen | Co-Founder and CEO

29 year of age, Brad Callen is no stranger to the world of online marketing. He's been building websites and selling products on the internet since 2002. Brad started his career on the internet by writing a fitness book. This is where he learned the ins and outs of online marketing, specifically the style of direct marketing. He's studied direct marketing legends like Gary Halbert, Claude Hopkins, Joe Sugarman, and others.

From there, Brad and his team of programmers went on to create many very successful software programs designed to help the small business owner generate more clients specifically via the internet. Some of the programs created include SEO Elite, designed to help users get top rankings in the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Keyword Elite, designed to generate large keyword lists, and analyze pay per click marketing trends, another form of online marketing. And Affiliate Elite, designed to find profitable products to promote online as an affiliate marketer.

Brad is not only a prolific software creator who's created roughly 12 different marketing related software programs, but he has also personally taught close to 250,000 people how to market their websites successfully on the internet, via his free online newsletter.

After spending nearly 5 years directly involved in helping people in the "internet marketing" industry, Brad decided it was time to take things to another level and reach those that either already own small businesses or those that strive to finally quit their day jobs and work from home. It was because of this intense desire that was formed.

Matt Callen | Co-Founder and VP of Operations

Matt is an internet entrepreneur and marketer who has been online since 2004. During this time, he founded the online software company known as iNet Innovation, Inc which is dedicated to helping other online marketers build their own businesses with the supplemental use of Matt's software programs. iNet Innovation has produced well-known products such as the popular marketing program, HyperVRE designed to build websites for affiliate marketers, which to this day has well over 130,000 users.

Matt strongly believes in continued education and makes every attempt to remain on the cutting edge by studying the latest courses, seminars, and books on the topic of marketing and business development.

Since 2004, Matt's company has launched dozens of other websites and software products targeted towards other online businesses. As an internet marketer, Matt also has experience helping small online business owners by mentoring and teaching them the same advanced marketing strategies he uses to build his own successful business.

After helping others online for the past several years, Matt and his brother Brad decided to take it to the next level by partnering together to found Their primary goal is to help the many new entrepreneurs get started on the right track to online success.

Vlad Vinturache | CTO

Vlad first teamed up with Brad back in late 2002. He's always had a passion for programming ever since he was very young. Since 2002, he's created over 12 well-known desktop software and web-based applications used by hundreds of thousands of marketers world-wide. Vlad heads up the backend programming initiatives for Blinkweb.